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What a duppedings, or gadget, is, is not easy to define. For me a gadget is something that stimulates the senses in many ways. Some gadgets have a fun function or odd shape, others do something that is impressive or fascinating.

My definition of a gadget includes everything from objects with a classical line or quirky nick nacks to plasma globes and IR-thermometers. It spans many different things, but I’ll argue that the objects I define as gadgets have a factor in common. A gadget often has something unexpected about it, which can surprise. It may be a hidden function or that it doesn’t look like what that object traditionally looks like. One example is the Ericofon. It was revolutionary in shape and size when if first hit the marked in the 60’s. With the rotary dialer hidden under it and the whole phone in the ear peace, it was unlike any other phone in its time. The shape is so well balanced that in my eyes it is a sight to see and it is very easy to hold. Another hidden function-example is the toothpick-holders that I seemingly collect. By the way: How many objects of one kind does it take to be a collector? One of the toothpick-holders hold the toothpicks as a spear. Another shows its toothpicks when you pull a rabbit out of its hat.

As the design of this homepage may show, many of my gadgets are electric. The design of the logo and the entire homepage, was meant to resemble the circuits on a circuit board. Many people generally call mobile phones and other consumer electrics for gadgets, but I believe it has to “earn” that title. If it only does what every other similar object do, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a gadget. The Logitech webcam Sphere can pan and tilt and follow your face. On its stem it reminds me of the extra eye R2-D2 uses when he falls in Yoda’s swamp in Star Wars. The webcam does something special, funny and yet useful – a true gadget. A plasma globe is not only exciting on its own, with its colorful lightning, but if you hold a florescent light tube while you touch it, it will light up. A duppedings, or gadget, will often tingle your curiosity. And as with the plasma globe, or a steam engine, the gadget may make you want to find out more about how it works.


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